Andy Perry – Fast Way to Start Your Thermal Imaging Business

Are you about to start a thermal imaging business?

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Over 47,000 views! Watch Andy on youtube doing an infrared energy audit inspection here:

The simple part about starting up your own thermal imaging business is buying the camera… but the real test comes once the camera is delivered to your door. What if you knew exactly how to do an effective infrared audit before setting out into the marketplace? There is now a way to fast track the cash flow coming your way within days of buying your IR camera.

This free interview features Andy Perry. Andy is a well seasoned thermographer who has conducted all kinds of infrared surveys throughout the United States… including training up to 50 different companies and individuals per year on how to use a thermal imaging camera correctly. Andy will help you set up either a thermography department/program for your company or for he will help you launch your company with six months of mentoring on top of the training for individuals just starting up.

In the following live interview we talk about 5 different niche markets that are completely different in their application, such as:

  • Horse thermal imaging 
  • Boat thermography
  • How to make money joint venturing with local doctors
  • Energy audits
  • leak detection using infrared

If you buy my book and are fortunate enough to book Andy for your training, he will rebate $300 off your cost. You can end up with my book for more than FREE.

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