Baseboard Leak Detected Using Thermal Imaging

One of main benefits of a thermal imaging camera is its ability to detect leaks that can’t be seen by humans.

When you and I walk through a house, we don’t notice hidden leaks or heat loss because our eyes can’t see infrared radiation. Try walking through a house with an infrared camera… it’ll look totally different!

Here’s an example of what we mean. In the thermal imaging photo below you can see what water leaking into a baseboard looks like. There was no visual sign of moisture in this area. It turns out the source of the leak was the roof, when most would think it’s a door frame issue.

Dark area indicates a leak

Dark area indicates a leak

It’s amazing how many people just walk in and buy a home based off the opinion of a home inspector only. Safe guard your investment by getting a 2nd set of eyes to determine if there’s any ADDITIONAL issues that home inspectors can’t see. This 2nd set of eyes is called a thermographer… they might just save you from buying a home full of moisture and heat loss problems.