Benefits of a Home Thermal Imaging Inspection

Should you even bother getting a home thermal imaging inspection, and what’s the benefit?

To cut a long story short, a thermal imaging camera operator (also know as a ‘thermographer’) can save you money… and in many cases, BIG money. The main benefit of a infrared imaging, is that it’s a fast way to see potential areas of leaks and heat loss behind walls that your standard home inspector simply will not see… here’s another example of what an IR camera can see:

In the circle below, you can see part of the timber frame is missing behind the wall. If fact, it does actually appear to be there… so why can we barely see it in the thermal photo? It’s likely to have rotted due to gradual water leak damage behind the wall. Rotted timber has a different density to healthy timber, therefore it heats up and cools down at a different rate… and that’s what we are actually seeing though the IR camera in this image.

Wouldn’t you prefer to know about this prior to purchasing a home?


Contacting a thermal imaging company to scan your future house could be a wise move before you transfer the funds and settle on the property. Savvy home buyers will play it safe and invest money into proper research before buying the home, while others take a risk and buy on emotion. This home in the above image presented very well to the eye, and could also appeal to many buyers… but the devil is in the detail.

Someone who knows nothing about thermal imaging home inspections will eventually buy this house and get caught out… and there could be 1000’s of homes across America with structural issues which could use an infrared inspection to assist in remedial work. Don’t buy one of them without knowing what you’re getting into!

There are plenty more infrared photos of leaks for you to look at on this website, and about 70% of them could not be seen to the naked eye!