Build a Successful Website – Page One of Google

Thanks for taking the time to check out my ideas about how I build my IR business around my websites… not the other way around 

How I Make $1000′s of Dollars Online with Just 30mins of Work Per Night… After I Do My Thermography Reporting for the Day.

…. Without Switching On My IR Camera!

For some time now i’ve been getting emails from thermographers around the world asking how I get my websites so highly ranked in google. I’m not a web developer, nor do I ever teach my internet ‘money making’ techniques… but now i’ve decided to share how it’s done.

The reality is I make $1000′s of dollars each month online in addition to running my IR business, and I can prove it… and now you can do it with my system and the knowledge you already have.

What i’ve done is put together a STEP-BY-STEP blueprint of how to create yourself a very nice passive income doing a few simple website tricks. Below you can download further information that shows you proof of my blueprint, how it works and the income i’m making alongside my IR business.

Intro Chapters…

 Chapter 1: Simple reasons why you should not pay anyone to build you a website.
Chapter 2: Proof I know how to get a website to the #1 position in google, without paying to get there!
 Chapter 3: How much money I personally make with my websites

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