Cheapest Place to Advertise a Thermal Imaging Business

Looking for prime advertising space for your infrared business, at a reasonable cost?

There are two types of advertising on this website. Free advertising, and featured advertising.

  • Free advertising – This allows you to advertise in your county area at no charge when you purchase my thermal imaging quick start guide. or;


  • Featured advertising - This puts you one level higher then the county advertising… and anyone seeking a thermal imaging inspection in your state will see your link first, before they click on any county advertisers!

For example – If a home owner lives in Texas and wants an IR inspection for heat loss in their home, they proceed to click on the FREE QUOTES link first, then they click their state. Right there at the top will be your business name!

Featured advertising will increase the chances of your phone ringing!

The investment to be a featured advertiser in your state is only $80 for one month!

(3 businesses maximum per state at any one given time. First in first served basis)

Test it for a month!

If you would like to advertise medium-long term, email Dean at to work out a deal… and i’ll email you a separate paypal invoice.