Commerical Building Electrical Thermal Imaging Switch Gear

Hey, Greg, I’m going to throw a question at you that comes to mind, it’s not on the list of questions, but over here where I’m calling from…

 “The insurance companies are now requiring electrical thermal imaging of the switchboards before they’ll issue an insurance policy on the commercial building to reduce their risk. Is that the case where you are, in the States, or not?”

Greg: Well, not really.

Greg: What they – the insurance companies, of course, are the companies that should own the entire infrared industry because everything that has to do with buildings and risk has to do with insurance.

Dean: Yes.

Greg: And these guys are starting to figure out some stuff, and as you pointed out, of course, the insurance companies here and there want to reduce risk and one of the ways they can reduce risk is to have an electrical switch gear survey done and, for that matter, a boiler survey and everything else.

Dean: Yes.

Greg: The insurance industry is broken into pieces… there’s property and casualty and there’s boiler and machinery, and those are the two areas where infrared is most popular..

Greg: So bless their hearts in Australia and New Zealand for doing that and whoever your lobbyist was, we’d like to borrow him.

Dean: But you know what, for everyone listening, even though the insurance companies in America aren’t requiring it right now, there’s nothing stopping you going and pitching it to them and giving them a visual demo or some photos or however you want to go about it, and show how it can reduce the risk of them having to pay out a claim on a building… and it makes logical sense when you think about it, because for an insurance company to pay out on a commercial building, they might be up for two or three million dollars. So it only makes sense for you to go to the insurance company and say, hey, “how about I thermal infrared your switchboards to see if there’s any hot spots, loose connections or any potential fire hazards and then from there I can produce a report”, they have to get those things fixed before you guys issue an insurance policy for them.

For me it’s logical, and I’m obviously happy they’ve done it over here, it’s totally revolutionised or totally steered my business a lot more to the electrical industry and I actually prefer it better, the electrical side of the business, because it’s repeat business, they’ve got to get it done either once a year or twice a year. So it’s a repeat business, whereas sometimes leak detection work it’s one off, good money but one off stuff. So that’s a bit of an idea for you there.

Greg: You might have a bunch of carpet bagging thermographers headed down to Australia buying a ticket on Qantas right now.

Dean: Yes, okay. Coming this way, that’s all right. I’ve got leads for people in Australia by the way, if anyone from Australia is online, my Australian website gets lots of visitors and I’m looking to offload them.

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