Different Ways to Make Money With Thermal Imaging Cameras

Are you considering getting into the home inspections business using infrared thermal imaging cameras?

At the bottom of this page, your about to see a 13 second thermal imaging video that has driven 88,000+ visitors to a website. But first, read this article from top to bottom so you understand my point of writing this.

In the past few weeks, i’ve had 6 different emails from start up thermographers asking the same type of question…

“What are the best ways to make money with an infrared camera if I don’t have a background in the home inspections business?”

When you go back to the very basics of thermography theory, it’s all about detecting different heat patterns across a surface. So taking this fact into account, how can you arm yourself with a thermal imaging camera and find a niche market to cash in on? More on this in a moment, but don’t think you need to know how to inspect a house to create cash flow with your imager… that’s only one application!

Some of the most stupid business ideas make more money than you and I will ever have, so lets look at a couple of ideas that are outside the box which could attract web traffic to your website… fast?

What if you had a headline on your website saying…

“The hottest picture of Barack Obama you’ve ever seen!”


“Hot Spot Found on Barack Obamas Neck”

(These are attention grabbing headlines that peak curiousity)

How could you possibly make money from an infrared photo of the American president? Your ‘unique’ infrared image would ‘virally’ be emailed with a link to your website right around the world, especially if you put the image on youtube… then all you need is some google ads on your site (Like the ones to the above right of this message), and you make money everytime someone clicks the ads! This photo of Obama will get viewed 1ooo’s of times on youtube, so more web traffic for you = more money!

Stupid idea right? Well not really…  if you understand the value of web traffic, then this could be a very smart idea. If 20,000 people view the photo on your site, then you might just make yourself $1000 or more just by people clicking your ads on the site… and pick up a few thermal imaging jobs along the way! I said outside the box didn’t I?

You could build your whole online marketing campaign based on imaging ‘stupid’ things! Keep reading…

Good marketing starts with good headlines, just like a newspapers front page lead story must catch the eye of passers by to increase readership = more advertising revenue for the publisher.

Carry your camera with you everywhere! What if you drove passed a cow giving birth and captured a portion of it on your IR camera in video mode? If you uploaded that onto youtube, you’ll get 1000′s of web visits that you never would have had. Remember, it’s all about getting traffic to your website, even if it’s slightly unconventional and not 100% inline with your core business.

Case in point: There is a short 13 second infrared video at the bottom of this article that has had over 88,000 views… and the companies website is published on the video to help drive them more visitors!

What makes better headlines in this example…

Bill Clinton granting funds to a charity, or Bill Clinton smoking a cigar with a girl under the desk at the same time? The 2nd example of course, even though it has nothing to do with politics and his core business. You can do the same!

People are fasinated with unique thermal imaging photos and videos… so if you take a unique snapshot, be prepared for a storm of web traffic! Here’s a good example of a unique youtube video attracting tonnes of traffic…

Not bad web traffic for a ‘fake’!

Have a good think about what you’ve just read, and apply it to niche examples you can think of (Although make it real). No-one is going to do your online marketing for you… so keep the above info in mind at all times when the camera is in the car!

Creative thinking makes money.