Electrical Thermographic Surveys

Do you need a thermographic survey of your electrical switchboards?

A thermal imaging inspection will instantly highlight any ’hot spots’ for you.

Regardless if you have only one switchboard, or 1000 switchboards throughout your company, if any of them are under load they are vulnerable to loose connections, arcing and have the potential to cause fire and shutdowns! There isn’t a company out there that can ‘afford’ to have a fire… production shuts down, cash flow shuts down and clients will vanish to another supplier if your company can’t deliver.

A thermal imaging infrared survey could help you to avoid this situation… in fact, alot of insurance companies are now requiring annual thermographic surveys of electrical systems and switchboards prior to issuing policies.

In the lefthand photos below, you see the lefthand phase is running warmer than the other two phases. In this case, they should all be even in temperature… indicating there is a thermal anomoly detected.

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electrical thermography

This image shows a clear fuse temperature difference that was not possible to see with the human eye!

Most electricians are good at what they do, but no matter how long they’ve been in the business, they still won’t see electrical faults as quick as an infrared camera!

Most thermal imaging cameras will read heat variation being radiated off an object down to .10 of a degree, so what this means to you and your company, is if you have a switchboard with 500 wires running in different directions, the thermal camera will INSTANTLY see which wires are potentially hot and/or faulty. Even new switchboards can have faults.

If you haven’t had a thermographic infrared survey of your electical systems in the past, then now is the time.

In the USA, the average payback for companies conducting regular thermal inspections on their electrical systems is 4:1.

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