How to Find Carpet or Floor Leak

Do you have water leak appearing on your carpet or floor?

Not sure where the leak is coming from?

There have been several occasions during thermal imaging home inspections, where the¬†owner calls because they can see water on their carpet, or somewhere on the floor where it shouldn’t be. In a recent inspection for client, the thermal imaging inspector was actually called out to the property to help find a different leak… and while inspecting the building came across a leak on the carpet that no one knew was there! (See image).

carpet leak

Of course it didn’t help that the carpet was a dark colour (that’s why the human eye couldn’t see it), but the thermal camera picked it up in an instant. You can see in the infrared image that the leak was around the edge of the floor up against the skirting board, therefore leading the inspector to believe is was tracking is from outside somewhere.

It’s never easy to find a leak that appears on the floor, but in this case the leak was coming from a pilon outside the area and finding its way in through perished grout between exterior tiles

Got a leak you can’t find? Why not call a thermal imaging specialist?