Find Leak Behind Wall

How to Find a Leak Behind a Wall…

One of the biggest issues we face in the leak detection business, is how to find where a leak behind a wall is actually tracking in from when you can’t see through walls. But there is a way…

Once you can see a leak, it’s too late… but that’s OK because you wouldn’t know the leak was there otherwise. Here’s the biggest challenge… “Is the leak coming from directly above where it’s appearing, or is it tracking across beams, wall studs, 45 Degree bracing… where’s it coming from?”

Too many home owners will tear into walls in the area where the leaks is appearing. If the plaster board is damaged then that’s ok, but if the water is appearing around the skirting board at the bottom of the wall, but the actual wall itself looks fine, then you shouldn’t just rip it off… it may not be required!

This leak in the thermal image below originated from the roof on the floor above and worked its way down around the interior wall and window….

There have been many cases where thermographers have tracked leaks coming down from two floors above, and meanwhile the home owner ripped walls off and windows out… and they were no where near the source of the leak. 

If you aren’t sure where it’s coming from, a quick thermal imaging inspection should solve your problem with minimal damage. So that the quickest way how to find a leak behind a wall.