FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera for Leak Detection

Can you use FLIR thermal imaging cameras for leak detection in homes?

Here’s a question a reader of this website just emailed me…

“What type of thermal imaging camera should I buy that will allow me to find leaks… is a  FLIR infrared camera OK?”

Yes, of course they are ok… but any decent brand of thermal imaging camera will be able to see obvious ‘signs’ of wet patchs on drywall… even if it’s got .2o thermal sensitivity!

If you are new to this industry, please remember you are not actually seeing a wet patch… or a leak (That’s why I say ‘signs’ of a leak). You are seeing a difference in surface temperature, so you will need moisture confirmation testing equipment to make a more informed decision (Sometimes a hammer will work :) ). You will detect all kinds of anomalies on the surface of walls through the thermal imaging camera, and the key to success in the ‘Thermography’ business,  is knowing what you are really ‘seeing’…. no matter if it’s a FLIR Infrared camera or not. There are several companies who make infrared cameras that are well within spec for this type of application.

Is that a leak, or has a rat urinated above the ceiling and it’s soaked through? Yes, your IR camera will pick up all kinds of different possibilities… and that’s why this can be an exciting business to be involved in once you know how to get home inspections customers.

Here’s an example of the types of leaks you can track down using infrared…

Leaking Faucet Damage - Window Joinery Failure Leaks - Leaks on the Back of Showers - Leaks behind Drywall – Leaky Decks - Leaks in Water Plumbing Pipe Joins  -  Cladding Leakage – Leaky Roofs  -  Signs of Underground Water Pipes Leaking - Detect Moisture Behind Walls - and MANY more!

If you are a builder, plumber, handyman, electrician or anyone simply looking for a new business opportunity that can have a fast pay back in the right hands, then thermal imaging could be for you.