How Long Does an Infrared Inspection Take?

Are you getting JUST an infrared thermal imaging inspection, or a complete structural building assesment also?

This is a question we get alot, and it’s open ended until you define what type of inspection you require, then the thermographer quote you on how long it will take and how much it will cost..

For example:

  • If you just want to determine if any insulation is missing out the ceilings or walls, then it could take 30mins or less.
  • If the purpose is to determine moisture is penetrating your building envelope, then it will take at least twice as long because all thermal anomalies need to be tested with a moisture meter to get confirmation if it’s just a cold spot, or indeed moisture ingress.
  • Further to the above point, you then need to decide if you want further invasive testing to get a look directly onto the framing to see if mold growth is taking place, and if the structural integrity of the framing is OK. If there has been a leak there for some time, the the timber could be rotted.

As you can see by just the above points, a thermal inspection can be just the starting point of further investigation… or hopefully in your case it won’t open up a can of worms! This is why it’s important to hire a thermography company in your area who DOES NOT have a repair service for any issues they detect. They just might find problems that don’t exist so they can sell you the repair services. Always ask if they are independent!

Allow up to 2 hrs to complete an infrared inspection, and hopefully the report won’t take longer than 48 hrs to come through if you require it (Could cost more money for the reporting… which generally includes all the thermal images)