How Much Does a Thermal Imaging Inspection Cost?

The cost for an infrared thermal imaging inspection is cheaper then what most people think… depending on the nature of what you need it for.

For example, you may have a leak that you need tracked, therefore the infrared leak detection work involved is quite simple, so the inspection cost would be less based on an hourly rate. Most thermographers have a fixed base fee to come out to your property… but in general it still works out alot cheaper than the more ‘destructive methods’ as a first step to finding the leak.

Different types of thermal imaging inspections require different qualities of IR cameras, but in general, home inspection thermal cameras costs less, therefore keeping your inspection cost right down.

You might be suprised at how cheap infrared home inspections can be! You can contact a local thermographer in your area right here, right now and get a free quote over the phone. We’ve made it easy for you to find them…

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