How to Canvas Your First Customer – Infrared Business

Dean: I’ve got a bunch of questions coming up for you right now. Okay, first one, sent in by a listener…

“How did you canvas your first customer and how successful was this, and where did it lead to?”

Greg: Well, my first sale, and I talked about this as you mentioned earlier, I had just come back here and sat down a few minutes ago from doing a talk for the PCEA, the Professional Construction Estimators Association, and they have a lot of members. My talk was mostly about building applications, but I always throw in some other stuff. Somebody asked me that very question, who was my first customer. My first sale was an energy audit that turned into an electrical switch gear job. It was a place called Highland Yarn Mills, and the way I got the job, I went through the North Carolina Industrial Guide, it’s a book that every state publishes and it just basically lists codes for buying and selling, what they buy and what they sell and give some of the contact info, the address and how big they are, how many square feet, and so I looked through the guide and picked out a big one and I got to the job. I started looking on the outside of the building before dawn and I saw a bunch of hot things, and I went up and put a telescope on this big huge camera, like you said, the ones that you have to wheel on a cart, and I saw they had a 12,000 high voltage electrical system running around the outside of the building and I found a bunch of places that were about to burn the building down. So after that I was off to the races, I had made myself a beautiful find and I could go out and advertise it, be proud of it. People, when you’re selling to people, they can tell if you’re telling the truth and they can tell if you’re excited about something, and so that helped me a lot I can tell you.

Dean: Yeah, I know that from experience too. When you do find something you genuinely feel like you have saved them or you’ve possibly prevented a fire, shutdown, all those sorts of things, so I can totally relate to where you’re coming from. They almost hire you for more work immediately when you show them an infrared photo of the problem… Can’t beat visual proof!

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