How to Drive Internet Traffic to Your Website


Do you own a thermal imaging business or website?

Now you can drive web traffic to your website for just 4 cents per click!

While most people pay between $1 – $5 per click on google adsense, i’ve been paying an average of just 4 cents per click!

Before I tell you more, here’s proof of my account in the last 7 days of Jan 2010….

 Let me point out why this system is so good… and designed within the google advertising guidelines. In fact, google actually approve my ads for this system before it goes live!

The above arrows point out the following:

  • You will see at the top of the page, this is only for 7 days worth of clicks
  • 255 clicks in total
  • Average cost per click is just 4 cents!
  • Average position is 1.4

Can’t complain about any of those stats!

This system is perfect for ANY business with a website, and product/service to sell!

 Guess what, although I use this system for my thermal imaging book, you can use it for ANY type of business. This is the best legal google advertising system you will find for achieving such cheap web traffic!

The manual I have put together will show you how to do this in a STEP BY STEP format. From the moment you open the book, you can follow every step (includes visual images of system set up), and have your own adwords campaign driving traffic to your website within 2hrs of receiving the manual… for pennies on the dollar.

Are you ready for low cost ‘automated’ leads to your website?

You could run as many businesses and different campaigns as you like using this system!

Most companies pay an average of about $1 per click… you pay an average of just 4 cents. Imagine the possibilities! Even if you can only afford to spend just $2 per day on advertising, that would be 5o visitors per day to your website. This could make a huge difference to your business… HUGE!

Now that you’ve seen inside my google account, and witnessed the hard proof the system works, think about what it’s worth?

In 7 days, i’ve spent $9.41 on getting 255 visitors to my infrared website. This amount of web traffic would normally cost  around $255 or more with the traditional adsense method!

You can take this system right now and have it up and running in a matter of hours for as many products or services as you like,

for just $29.95! (Instant Download)

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If you are serious about your thermal imaging business, this product should be a no-brainer. Don’t let your competitors clean up your local web traffic!

(Instant Download! Please check your spam and junk folders if it doesn’t arrive in your inbox)

Note: You need to run the system exactly as I have outlined for it to work.