How to Find a Leak – Track & Trace Information

Welcome to our comprehensive thermal imaging, leak detection and house inspection business information website. If you are looking for simple DIY guidance about how to find a leak around your property, then you’ve come to the right place!

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Over the years, we have added 100′s of pages of useful tips & ideas to help find all kinds of leaks in your home… and further info about how using infrared thermal cameras is a fast track way to find the source of leaks around any type of house, and in commercial buildings… no matter what the type of construction is.

How to find a leak and its contributors are dedicated to the cause of retaining the value of properties for home owners, and teaching people simple ways to  fix leaks before they cause structural damage to the home.

Common types of leak can be found with the right equipment

Some of the most common types of leaks in homes are roof leaks, window, moisture behind walls, bathroom & plumbing. You might be interested to know of the easiest methods and ‘little known’ ways to find a leak is by using a local thermographer who has a high-tech thermal infrared camera.

NOTE: If you are wanting information how to find a leak underground, then you won’t find that type of information on this site.

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