How to Find Source of Window Leak

Window leaks can be destructive! Do you know where it’s coming from?

A leaking window can cause substantial damage to your walls, because these types of leaks are normally gradual, as opposed to a sudden gush of water. In most cases, you can’t actually see the source of the window leak, which makes it very tricky to detect until it’s too late. This is why you shouldn’t start removing window frames, or ripping down walls until you know where the water is tracking in from. Thermal imaging cameras have the ability to help in this situation.

The infrared image below shows a leak that was found during a thermal imaging house inspection. The home owner got a rude shock when they found out about this one… because they had no idea the window was leaking at all… it was all concealed behind interior wall.

Thermal Imaging Photos of Leaks

Got a window leak?