How to See Water Leaks in Walls

Are you looking for a fast way to see a water leak behind the wall?

If you are, then there’s good news and bad news…

There is actually no possible way to see water leaks behind walls unless you rip the wall off. The good news is that thermal imaging and non-invasive moisture testing is one of the very few ways to detect leaks fast without doing any damage to your home. There is no such equipment that can see through walls.

As you can see down the righthand side of the webpage, there are many infrared photos of leaks that couldn’t be seen with the human eye. The other important point to note here, is that water will take the path of least resistance and drop off at a low point, so the actual water entry point could be up to 5-10 metres (or more) away in some cases. In addition, certain styles of leaks could also indicate signs of plumbing issues in the wall.

In this infrared image, you can see a water leak in the ceiling and wall that was traced back to an expansion joint above…

 Thermal imaging could be a very fast way to detect a water leak in the house.

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