Ideas for how to perform building energy audits

Here is a question sent in by a thermographer…

“I would like to hear ideas for how to perform building energy audits when the exterior temperature versus the inside air temperature is not the normal 40 degrees or so temperature differential. How can I avoid the seasonal crunch and extend my window for energy audit?”

Peter:                    Buy a better camera – no okay. You know, I live in California so we do get that seasonal crunch here. Where I live in San Diego it’s probably 70 degree weather – pretty much a good part of the year round, but we learn to adjust the time we do these inspections. I can do evaluations year round and it’s simply by manipulating those temperatures, so – and some of the things we teach in our courses, is how to be effective when you are in areas that might have that season crunch.

                             So, the standard 40 degrees – that’s a dream temperature differential, but the standards actually talk about an 18 degrees. Now that depends on where you live in the world, you know I have to speak from US standards which would be the Fahrenheit scale, but those elsewhere you have to do your conversion – but an 18 degree differential produces very effective images.

 Dean:                   So when you talk about manipulating the scenario at the time – give us a hint on what you’re talking about – are you referring to adding heating to the room, something along those lines?

 Peter:                    Correct, and then during the summer we add air conditioning, so there are standards.  The resnet standards discusses how to do that, and at what interval.

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