Infrared Business – Try Before You Buy!

If you are in the market to start an infrared business, or aren’t sure how to get customers, then you must check out my thermal imaging ‘Quick Start Guide’!

This manual has helped many others get their IR business off the ground fast, so I have no doubt you’ll enjoy a free sample of what’s contained in the manual!

———- Client Comments 2009———

Hello Dean,
The free chapter really piqued my interest about the potential for starting a profitable thermal imaging business. There was so much information in the free chapter that I immediately purchased the rest of the Quick Start manual. Thanks, Doug R. Denver, Colorado

Straight information, no fluff. Worth the investment to decide if this business is right for you. If it is, this manual provides lots of insight and ideas. Mark M – FL

A good start is a fast start, and after reading the complimentary chapter of Thermal Imaging Marketing Ideas, it gave me the direction I was looking for. I ended up ordering the complete manual without hesitation. It is thought provoking and allows you to put your own touch on how you operate your business while accomplishing growth oriented results. Thanks Dean for taking the time to put this manual together. Keep me updated!
Matt R., Ohio Home Energy Advisors, Columbus OH

Hi Dean, I read your book… it was well written and easy to follow. It has given me the confidence to invest in a thermal imaging camera and start my new business here in Montréal Canada. Keep in touch. Regards, Thomas Mann

I found the Free Chapter very interesting. Ideas presented were “outside of the box” and well worth pursuing. Purchased the entire manual shortly after. Thanks for opening my eyes a little wider.
Phil C – Canada

“I bought an infrared camera a year ago as part of a new predictive maintenance service we are offering. But I haven’t even begun to utilize it. After reading the free chapter download and seeing how easy this valuable service is to market, as well as the unique ideas they have come up with in the manual to get your business going, I’ve purchase the entire book to get busy in this lucrative field.”
Michael H – President, American MTS. Monroe, NC

The free chapter really made me start thinking about the possibility of making thermal imaging part of my remodeling and design operations. I really think that in today’s economy and in the search for better ways to save money, and to help the environment, this service can be of great help to everyone. I am glad that I have found this site and this opportunity. Thanks. Blake J, AZ

I found your chapter on how to start up a thermal imaging business right on target. Your concept of taking the camera and providing thermal imaging surveys for free was a part of my initial program however I had no idea that it would have been so successful. You were correct to say that it not only allows you to practice with your new camera, get valuable field experience at the same time that you are advertising your services. And last but not least the creative ideas you have about approaching the business that takes all the work out of coming up with those ideas. For the price you charge anyone that tries your suggestions will get an immediate return on investment that is many more times what they paid for the book…. John R – MI

I want to let you know that the more I look over your manual, the more pleased I am. You gave me a turn key to start my own Thermal Imaging business. So much leg work has been lifted by looking over your manual. I think it is great. Michael Z – GA

Dean, Just wanted to let you know I think the book is fantastic! Using just one of the ideas will return the investment many times over! A “must read” for anyone just getting into the thermal imaging field, and a good resource for anyone looking to expand their existing business! Well worth the price. – Mike C., PA

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