Infrared Camera Captures Plumbing Leak

You will see on this website that I talk alot about why you should get a thermal imaging inspection prior to buying a home. In some cases thereĀ are more problems with leaks in homes then there is from a structural point of view. Building inspectors can’t see what infrared can see, and quite often they’ll miss the hidden leaks if they don’t use thermal imaging.

The better a home looks, the more suspicious you should be in alot of cases (especially if you can smell fresh paint when you inspect the house), because there have been many occasions where dried out leak marks on the wall or ceiling have been painted over.

Take a look at this infrared photo…


This looks like a small dark blob on the ceiling, but in actual fact it’s a major plumbing leak! Infrared cameras can find leaks and heat loss within seconds of scanning a ceiling… all without touching the paint work!