Infrared Home Inspectors – Attract More Customers

Attention to All Thermal Imaging Home Inspectors

Last weekend I stumbled across an ‘accidental’ method to get more customers… and the frustrating part is that this simple idea has been in front of me the whole time! If I knew about this idea in the early days when I was short of customers, then i’m sure it would have been my primary lead generation method… and it costs nothing to roll out (Just a few hours of your time).

The best part about this idea, is that anyone armed with an infrared camera can go out this weekend and put it into action… without any selling, advertising or money involved.

This simple idea is NOT included in my thermal imaging quick start guide, so you can only get it right here. I picked up 3 jobs in the first 15mins I was doing this… the interesting part being that I wasn’t even there for the purpose of getting customers. My wife and I were just passing time when this happened!

You can have this interesting lead generation idea emailed to you right away, and you can use it time and time again. If you are looking for a very  simple method to showcase how effective your thermal imaging camera is in front of your target market, then this is it.

If you need customers, then this one idea might be all you need.

All yours for just $14.95!!!