Infrared Photo of Shower Plumbing Leak

Can you see signs of a leak around your shower? Has it penetrated through to the wall behind?

A leaking shower can cause major damage to all parts of your home… especially if there is a room below the bathroom. During many thermal imaging inspections, i’ve seen water coming through ceilings destroying furniture and carpets below… not to mention how it wets insulation and rots timber along the way!. If it’s a slow leak due to plumbing issues behind the walls, then it can get really ugly!

Finding a leak source in a bathroom is usually is pretty simple… it’s detecting how far the water has gone and what damage it has caused that home owners should be worried about. If you’re in a apartment building and you see what coming in to your ceiling where a bathroom is located above, then there’s a real problem.

This thermal imaging photo below detected a leak behind a wall underneath a bathroom that had a leaking shower…

leaking sky light

The building manager noticed the leak around the skirting board in a foyer area. After calling in the thermal imaging home inspection company, the leak was quickly tracked to a bathroom above. In this case the infrared camera lead the inspector right to the leak source.

Can’t find a shower or bathroom leak? Why not get a thermographer in to take a look… it’s simple, fast and no damage required!