Infrared Photos of Interior House Leaks

Infrared thermal imaging camera has the ability to find your leaks fast!

Our leak detection method is a ‘no mess’ way to see the extent of leaks behind your walls.

If you aren’t sure if you should get a thermal imaging home inspection or not, take a look at these 21 infrared images below, you might change your mind. Most of these leaks could not be physically seen by the home owner.

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                              Leak Behind Wall    Leaking Window       Carpet Leak

Leak behind wallleaking windowwater on carpet

      Plumbing Leak     Dishwasher Leak     Insulation Heat Loss

Leaking toilet plumbingleak in plumbingmissing insulation detection

Leaking Skylight             Shower Leak               Gutter Leak       

Leaking skylightshower bathroom leakwater on carpet

Deck Tile Leak             Cladding Crack               Air Leak

Leaking DeckCrack in Claddingair and heat loss leak

Pipe in Wall             Leaky Roof             Pool Leak

water pipe leakleak flat roofswimming pool leak

       Atrium leak         Window leak         Sliding Door Leak

atrium leakaluminium joinery leakranch slider joinery leak

Roof Wash Leak!

roof pressure wash leak

3 Leaks Found During a Home Inspection (Not Good)

leak inspection in wellington home

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