Is it practical to buy a refurbished infrared thermal imaging camera?

Thermal images on the market are expensive to own. Is it practical to buy a refurbished infrared camera?

Greg:  Well the question is a little telling, you’re probably driving up to your job in a pick up truck that costs more than the thermal imager did. I mean typically you’re at $10-15 thousand dollars for these thermal imaging cameras. That’s not the main part of the business, the second part of the question is, is it practicable to buy a refurbished camera? You’re darn right it is. There are some great deals, they’re deals from people who thought they knew how to be in business and when they fail they go and they put them on Ebay and sell them.

Now, if you’re worried about – if you think that thermal imagers are expensive at $10,000 then you’re taking a pretty big risk because you’re not going to probably be able to get a warranty out of anybody that is selling one on Ebay. There are some people that are reputable people who sell these cameras, used cameras. If you can get a sweet deal, fine, but you’re taking a chance.

Greg: But the bottom line is the cost of the thermal imaging camera is not anywhere near the cost of being in the infrared business. It is not even the biggest part of it. So my advice, if you can afford it, get a refurbished camera. If you can’t afford it or you don’t want to mess around with a piece of equipment that has a chance of breaking, then get a new one.

Peter: I have a piece to offer on this. One thing that I would say that was hard for a lot of the people selling these older cameras is the amount of money they paid compared to what you can buy a new one for. You know, as with electronics the pricing comes down and there are guys who spent $25,000 on a camera three years ago, today you can buy the same quality IR camera for $10,000. So sometimes it is really hard for them to take a hit and you may be able to buy a new one, so do your research.

Greg: Yes.

Dean: Thanks Peter. Greg, I know that you bought a $75,000 infrared camera many years ago when they were really expensive. Mate, I’ve got $50, will you take it?

Greg: No.

Dean: You won’t sell it, $50 bucks?

Greg: Sorry.

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