Leak Coming Through Roof onto Ceiling

Have you noticed signs of a leak on your ceilings inside your home?
How about a slight change of color on the paintwork?

Leaks coming through your ceiling can sometimes be tricky to find… depending on what’s directly above. In some cases the leak is coming through a light (traveling along wires), or coming through in the middle of the ceiling…  and other times around the edges and top of walls.

The infrared photo below was a result of a leaking deck. The home owner new this leak was there, but needed to know if it was tracking in from the side of the deck, or if it was isolated to one area above. In this particluar case there was deck drainage directly above the area, and it turned out to be a plumbing issue.

Recently an infrared inspector went to a Hilton hotel after they noticed water coming in through one of their penthouse apartments. Using the thermal imaging camera, the inspector immediately notice a ‘line up’ of isolated leaks on the camera screen. In this case there was an expansion joint above that was directly in line with where the leaks were appearing on the ceiling below. This saved the company from having to rip up the whole deck to detect the leak source!

Here’s what water coming through the roof looks like using infrared…

Finding a leak using a thermal imaging inspection company could be the fast way!