Leak Detection Thermal Imaging – Business Opportunity

Are you about to buy a thermal imaging camera or leak detection business? or:

Do you already own a thermal imaging camera?

There are job enquiries from this website that nobody is servicing! No matter what type of thermal imaging camera you operate, you now have the opportunity to advertise in your county on what is soon to be the biggest ‘thermal imaging and leak detection’ website in the USA & Canada! This is a great place to list your thermography business, leak detection business, plumbing business, building inspection business etc.

How does it work?

On the ‘FREE QUOTES’ link at the top of the middle column of this website, you will see a list of all USA and Canadian states. When a client looking for thermal imaging services clicks on their state, they will then be able to click on their county. Your business name and phone number will be listed for that county… all you need to do is take the calls and book in the jobs. 

How much does it cost to advertise?

It’s free for the first 3 months to advertise if you’ve purchased my thermal imaging quick start guide; otherwise;

The investment is only $50 p/year! This website gets alot of traffic and is growing rapidly… so you could be receiving industry specific job leads from your county, and a one way link to your website within 24hrs!

Only $50 for one years advertising!

Welcome to North Americas new home of privately owned thermal imaging and leak detection companies!

Email us today at advertising@howtofindaleak.com to book your advertising space!