Leak Detection Thermal Imaging Services New Jersey

Looking for an experienced thermal imaging leak detection company in NJ?

Peter W. Bennett, Owner
Residential and Commercial Inspections
Infrared Thermal Imaging Services for hidden defects such as overheated electrical components, missing insulation, water intrusion (roofs, windows, doors, skylights) plumbing leaks, and leaking ductwork.
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530 Prospect Avenue Little Silver, NJ 07739
Office 732-758-9887 Fax 732-758-8993 Cell 732-245-9817
NJ Home Inspector Lic#GI371
NJ DEP Radon MET11140
Certified Energy Inspector No. 1364
Certified Infrared Level One Thermographer No.7406
Certified ASHI Member #205748 (American Society of Home Inspectors)
Member of INACHI (Inter-National Association of Certified Home Inspectors)