Leak in Plumbing Behind Wall

Have you got a plumbing leak that you can’t find?

Can you see a leak that could be a result of a burst water pipe?

In the image below, you can see an infrared photo that was taken in a toilet. The home owner called the thermal imaging specialist because they could see water starting to penetrate through at the bottom of the toilet wall. Doing a visual inspection (without damaging the wall) simply couldn’t determine where the leak was coming in from.

So was the leak caused by plumbing problems behind the toilet, or potentially coming from around the window above?

It turned out to be neither of the above suspected areas. The leak detection expert traced the source of the leak to the bathroom next door (the bath tub backed onto the toilet wall). In this image you can see the leak higher up the wall towards the corner, further confirming the findings.

If you aren’t sure if your plumbing is leaking or not, then a thermal imaging inspection could solve your problem very quickly!