Leaking Gutter Found During Home Inspection

If you can see signs of a leak at the bottom of your wall, and there is only a roof above… you could have a gutter leak.

During a infrared home inspection recently, a huge leak appeared on the IR camera that sent the home owner into shock! This leak appeared to have been there for some time and the moisture readings were really high also… unfortunately there was untreated timber behind the walls (untreated timber can rot real fast).

The scariest part of buying a home is that you have absolutely no idea of what could be happening behind the walls, no matter how ‘neat and tidy’ the home looks. Having a thermal imaging inspector run an infrared camera over the interior of the home can save you from buying a home half full of water. Personally i’ve saved 100′s of people from buying homes that are leaking.

The good thing about finding leaks prior to buying the house is the negotiation power it gives you. Put it this way, the fee you pay the thermographer is alot less then what you could negotiate off the property price if he/she finds an issue! Not to mention the piece of mind it will give you.

Here’s the infrared image of what the gutter leak we detected looks like…. 

leaking sky light

The dark area in this image is a leaking gutter... The source of the leak was easy to pinpoint with this image. Now that you know about infrared imaging, would you risk buying a home without it?