Level 1-2 & 3 Thermography Marketing Training Courses

Thanks for visiting the intro to a 2 hr training call/interview I recently did with 2 very well respected thermographers in the USA.

This call has now been transcribed into a book which you can now purchase for under $20! Order HERE when you are ready. Here is the opening of the call…

Dean:                   So hello everyone, welcome to the call. My name is Dean from www.howtofindaleak.com . We’ve got we’ve got 96 thermographers joining the call today – so this method appears to be the best way to communicate with you all.

                            The two gentleman I’m interviewing today have just come off speaking at the most recent IR conference, and while they have been speaking as such large thermal imaging events, they’ve also been exposed to current information from other speakers also. So this is updated information for where the infrared thermography market is at today.

  I’m going to give myself a quick intro, them I’m going to introduce Peter, and Greg – Peter Hopkins and Greg Stockton, who are the guests on line today – who are going to answer all your questions. The questions are right across the board – there’s a very wide spectrum, so I’m going ask and they’re going to answer, and just move from question to question – there’s quite a few to answer. Let’s get on with the call.

 Like I mentioned, my name’s Dean Cowley, and I know most of you through purchasing the thermal imaging quick start guide, which I wrote – just after the first year I was in business. What happened in my first year, is I applied some simple, cheap and effective marketing techniques and skills and ended up getting a lot of customers fast – I did 350 inspections in my very first year. And at the end of the year, I sat down and reassessed my successful ideas – then thought to myself, well, okay I’ve managed to get quite a lot of customers, why not put some of my ideas in writing so other thermographers can benefit, and that’s exactly what happened, and I got a very good response and feedback from the ‘quick start guide’ that I wrote as a result. From there I’ve just added to it, and you guys would have had emails about new ideas I’ve come up with, but I’ve got to say today’s idea for doing this conference call has probably been the best response I’ve had to idea to help my database make more money. As a result we’ll probably do more calls with industry experts into the future.

 I’ve also published the only marketing newsletter in the world for thermal imaging companies… read about the ‘inner circle’ newsletter HERE 

                            I thermal image every day of the week. Well, except for the days I don’t want to work. If I do work on weekends, I do thermal imaging out on the oil rigs, out off New Zealand and Australia. I’ve been running my own imaging business for years now with success. I don’t sell courses, I don’t sell cameras, I’m just interested in the marketing side, and I know I’ve helped a lot of thermographers around the world, just on the marketing side.

                      And in terms of knowing about cameras and courses and the theory of infrared, I don’t profess to be expert at all – certainly not, and that’s why I’m getting experts on line, for you guys to hear some of their experience based on years of experience – years and years. And they’ll let you know the theory side, but most of that’s in the Level 1courses anyway which almost comes standard with many IR camera purchases, but you don’t get experience like you’re about to get on line today – you don’t normally get this information anywhere – so I’m certainly proud to present that to you all.                      

Okay now let me give you a snippet about the two ‘Super Experienced’ thermographers I’m interviewing today, and we’ll get started into the questions. Peter Hopkins is on the line with us. You there, Peter?  Just give us a quick wave.

Peter:                    A quick virtual wave for you.

Dean:                   So for everyone who didn’t read Peter’s intro, Peter has been a building inspector for over 15 years, and personally has done over 7,000 property inspections, so as you can imagine so much experience comes with that, and we’re going to hear some of that today. He’s a level two thermographer, and has five certifications with the International Code Council, and they’re the ones who actually write the codes. He’s published six technical papers on thermography, he’s been involved on the Technical Committees for Riding the Resnet  standards for IR inspections and building envelopes.

                             Peter has been a featured speaker at many technical conferences and has presented at IR conferences for the last five years, and he’s currently writing a technical standard for equine IR thermal imaging – and I know quite a few of you guys are interested in that, based on the emails I get. He’s been sighted in several magazines and books, including the new book, “Infrared Thermal Imaging”, which is a 500 page book by Professor Vollmer from Germany, and you can look on Amazon if you want to obtain a copy of that book, and he’s also been on TV four times, on thermal imaging and recently featured in the journal of Light Construction Magazine on leak detection.

                            That’s a little about Peter and then Greg Stockton, are you there, Greg? 

Greg:                    I am indeed. 

Dean:                   Very good. Now for those of you who haven’t heard of Greg Stockton, you may not have looked around too much online about the infrared business, because most people in the industry know him, he’s been around for a long while. Greg’s been inspecting since 1989 across all types of applications from aerial thermography, electrical, moisture, equine thermography, and probably every other niche application you can think of! 

                            In addition to that, for those of you who have looked at a little bit of the history of infrared cameras, back in 1989 you had to wheel around a thermal imaging camera on a trolley – you know those big old infrared cameras. So he’s known infrared camera from those days right through ‘til today’s look of infrared cameras, more of a hand held camera look. So you can imagine the sort of intimate knowledge he will have of the progression of infrared cameras and how they work. So that experience will be drawn into this call as well.

                             Greg actually just come off a speech about two hours ago, to the PCEA, which is the Professional Construction Estimators Association – so he does a lot of speaking around thermal imaging and I’m certainly happy to have him on the call today. So together – Peter and Greg established http://www.unitedinfrared.com/  – they have helped hundreds of thermographers make money, ensuring they get jobs.  So they’ll talk to you more about that system at the end of the call, but just make sure you jot that down – it’s http://www.unitedinfrared.com/ . That’s their website to go and check out what they do

                            And at the end of the call also I’m just going to touch on a new little opportunity that I’ve got going as well, for you guys to get a lot more leads. It’s really simple. And so what we’ll do, let’s get started on the questions. Like I said, these questions are in random order, and I’m not really going to interject during the questions – I’ll just let the questions be answered and then we will go on to the next question, and then we’ll conclude it. So I won’t put names to these questions, but you know who you are – you just sent them. So Peter, are you there, you’re going to get the first question….

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