‘Marketing Ideas’ Phone Interview with One of Americas Top Thermographers!

Very powerful ‘money making’ info for all thermographers…


I have some very good news that could change the whole direction you take your infrared business!

While many thermographers are focusing on energy audits, one of the USA’s top thermographers has other niche markets that his making $$$ from… and I had the pleasure to interview him about it over the phone. Many of you in the IR industry will know the name ‘Greg Stockton’… he has applied just about every different infrared application there is… he’s even made money counting deer with thermal imaging!

Here’s a handful of topics we talk about on the interview…

  • Gregs background and how he managed to build such a large infrared business
  • Niche markets
  • How much should you spend on a camera
  • How much money can be made in the infrared business
  • What’s the most profitable sector of the market in the USA
  • Marketing ideas and how to get customers

There are plenty of ‘gems’ mentioned throughout the interview that will get you thinking. Some of the ideas might even point you in a more profitable direction.

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