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Going Green V’s Saving Green

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, an infrared thermal imaging picture may be worth thousands of dollars. That’s good news – especially in the times that we are living in.

The economy is uncertain, the housing market has tanked, our stock portfolio (what’s left of it) keeps us up at night. We need to be prudent – more than ever – when it comes to spending.

We see all of the media talking about it – and, sure we would love to be able to ‘go Green.’ Helping the environment is good. But, charity starts at home. We need to be kind to our wallets, first – then the planet.

Most of us think the exotic home improvements, when we think about saving energy, and, ultimately some money on our heating and cooling bills. We watch HGTV or the Green Planet TV stations (on cable) and see how we are supposed to go out and invest many thousands of dollars in Solar Panels, Geothermal Exchange HVAC, tankless water heaters, or new replacement windows etc.

Great. But, who has the ‘extra money’ to go out and do that in these times? Especially when the RETURN ON INVESTMENT can be from 7 to 20 years for a PAYBACK? Who says that we even want to be living in this house at that time? Well, the good news is that there are some ‘unsexy’ things that don’t get the media’s attention. But, they are starting to surface, now, in articles like ‘WORTH IT’ (in TreeHugger magazine), and in the newspaper (New York Times) entitled “A Stimulus That Could Save Money.”

The piece in TreeHugger tells us that we don’t have to rob the corner bank to be able to save on our rising energy bills. In fact, it says that ‘the biggest bang for the buck, the low hanging fruit is fixing air leakage (infiltration) duct leakage, and improving insulation.

This isn’t the ‘sexy stuff’ , but it is the important stuff. A responsible solar contractor should tell you NOT to buy solar panels – but, rather, you should FIX YOUR HOUSE FIRST! The ‘unsexy’ repairs above ‘ have a 1 – 12 month payback period.’


So, where do you begin? And, how exactly do you ‘see’ heat loss? Infrared Thermal Imaging is the answer. In fact, that same article, ‘WORTH IT,’’ (TreeHugger magazine) says you’re your first step should be to get a trained auditor to help you put the pieces together. “Every house is different and has different priorities. Repairs do not affect just one factor – everything in your house is connected. Infrared thermal imaging can help you ‘tailor the repairs to your house, prevent danger, and make you a more healthy, comfortable and keep money in your pocket each month’. We are doing thermal imaging home inspections here in MI Michigan every week, and some of the basic problems we find that the home owner knew nothing about is a real eye opener.

The US DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY (Free Press News Archive of January 3, 2009) says that ‘Infrared energy audits have BECOME A NECESSITY for every home and business owner due to the rising energy costs and the uncertainty of our economic times.”


The New York Times article (November 18, 2009) recently said that the Obama administration is going to copy the success of the Cash For Clunkers Program because of its undeniable success. But, the economy still needs help. So White House is looking at rolling out a “Cash For Caulkers” program. This time it will be for Weatherization. Thermal imaging cameras are a perfect fit for this program.

The DEPT OF ENERGY says (in an article in a ConsumerReports article / October 17, 2008) that YOU CAN SAVE UP TO 30% on your heat bill by doing weatherization. Namely, stopping drafts and leaks in your home by stuffing all of those nooks and crannies ; doing weather stripping, and using those cans of expanding foam; wrapping hot water pipes; sealing leaky ducts; and other simple projects that –ANYONE CAN DO THEMSELVES.


Just like the CNET NEW (Green Tech / January 28, 2009) article says, ‘many people would like to lower their household energy bills, but need an expert to recommend what steps to take as part of a long-term plan.

GREEN YOUR HOME LIKE A CYBORG – USE THERMAL IMAGING …was the title of the GreenPlanet article of April 09, 2009. It says ‘Do you want to a) save money on your heating bills, b) make your home greener, and c) enact a childhood fantasy where you have future-vision like the Terminator? Of course you do.

‘Thermal imaging is a hi-tech method you can use to detect where you’re losing most of the heat in your home. And, since 35% of heat loss comes from unwanted air leakage, using thermal imaging will help you pinpoint exactly where that’s occurring.’ Infrared thermal leak detection in Michigan is also becoming a very popular service amongst home owners also!


Locally, here in Michigan, we are getting lots of interest in heat loss inspections. Money is tight enough. People are looking to save energy, but at what cost? You talk to an Insulation Contractor, and he recommends you blow in additional insulation. Talk to the Window Guy, and he suggests you buy a house full of new windows. Good things, yes, . . . but are they specific to your needs?


Think about it in this light. If you are really ill, what do you do? You go to the Doctor. You don’t tell him to schedule for surgery on Monday, because of something that your next door neighbor had. And, you don’t want to rely on guesswork or a ‘hunch’ on his part. No, you go in to have him run tests. He takes an X-Ray or an MRI because it helps him “see” what he is missing.

Infrared Thermal Imaging is a lot like that. We look deep inside to ‘see’ what is invisible to the eye. It enables us to give you meaningful answers that pinpoint problems and rule out others. It empowers you to take corrective action – and avoid excessive cost, heart-ache, and disruption of your life associated with ‘trying’ unfounded ‘hunches’ & educated guesses by contractors.

Just like the Doctor, we build our practice on our understanding of (Building) Science, experience (over 30 years as a builder and a ‘Green’ background in renewable energy such as Geothermal Exchange Heating / Cooling and Solar), as well as our cutting-edge technology.
This enables us to help you whether your are looking to “GO GREEN’ (help the environment); SAVE SOME GREEN (slash energy your costs) ; or GET PAID TO GO GREEN (get your Tax Credit for weatherizing your home under the Stimulus Plan).

Whatever your shade of ‘Green’, we help you ensure that you have an environment that saves you money every month, is energy-efficient, comfortable, safe, and a healthy living space for everyone in your household.

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