Missing Insulation – Infrared Heat Loss Energy Audits

When was the last time you climbed into your ceiling space to check for missing insulation?

Is there insulation in your walls? Do you even know?

If you aren’t sure if there’s insulation behind your walls or in your ceiling, then a thermal imaging heat loss inspection is the answer. An infrared camera can tell instantly if there is missing insulation batts behind the wall or not, without needing to drill holes or do any damage (it will also uncover any hidden leaks also). 

The issue with buying a home (or owning a home), is that you really have no way of telling if there is major heat loss happening or not… unless you tear down the walls (unlikely). The quickest way to determine if the home is energy efficient or not is with an infrared camera.

This infrared photo below shows a bedroom ceiling with missing insulation causing heat loss….

If your energy bills are creeping up, or you’re finding the inside air temperature in your home is fluctuating dramatically, then you should invest in a thermal imaging energy audit. It’s simple, fast and can save you A LOT of money through solving heat loss issues in your home.