Moisture meters for detecting water behind walls

There are many different brands of drywall moisture meters, and to determine which is the best brand could be a complete waste of your time, especially if it’s for a one off a leak.

Where to find cheap DIY moisture meters

You can go to an and find all kinds of cheap wood moisture readers for wood, but you also need to question the equipment quality V’s value of your house and how important it is to find the leak correctly. At the end of the day expensive moisture meters are just that for a reason… because they do the job properly (in most cases), whereas a cheap moisture meters could be faulty and you wouldn’t realise this because you don’t have experience with that specific piece of equipment.

moisture meters

Builders Should Carry Moisture Meters for Easy Detection

There are many building inspectors in your area who can most likely come around to your house to do a leak check, and who also carry a moisture meters as an everyday tool. Not only can they assist with the correct equipment but they can also assist you track the source of the leak back to its original ingress point. This is something you need to consider because even if you do find justify the moisture meters reading that you purchase, you still need the experience of a builder or an inspector who can track the source back and tell you where the water is coming in. A good inspector will also have an invasive metre to determine if your timber framework is wet and if the drywall should be removed or not.

Why not just give a couple of inspectors are called to find out how much they charge, it may be cheaper than you think… especially if they live locally to you. Go to our contact us page to find contractors experienced with quality and accurate moisture meters .