New Ideas and Marketing Tips for Infrared Imaging Companies

Hi Everyone,

Recently I sent out an email to 1104 thermographers worldwide, and it’s the most important email I’ve ever sent to my database. I came up with a red hot idea for all of us to make more money in the industry, and you can get access to these ideas!

Here’s what I wrote to the database …

What I would like you to do, is write down one ‘trick or tip’ you’ve used to get customers… or any marketing idea you think could help others in the industry… that’s it! No matter how long you’ve been in the industry, you can come up with something. Then email it over to me.


In a one week from now, I’m going to compile all the responses into an email and send them out to everyone at no charge. That’s right, you’ll get a heap of new marketing ideas to grow your thermography business at no charge!

What are the conditions?:

  • Only those who send in an idea will get a copy of all the ideas.
  • Only those who have purchased my ‘thermal imaging quick start guide’ can participate. You can order the manual at the bottom of this page if you haven’t already.

The above conditions are simple, and are only fair to those committed to the industry… and hopefully this encourages you to get an idea onto paper right now… it’s in your best interests!

This is going to be awesome!!! No-one else in the ‘thermography world’ has ever done this!

Please write your idea(s) down now, and email them to Dean at within 5 days.

(PS. If you’ve been considering buying my manual, now is the time. You can order HERE , or you can buy a ‘one off’ entry pass to list for just $24.95 at the bottom of this page… not bad value for over 45 ideas other companies use!).

Remember, you must participate to get a copy of the ideas!

Keep an eye out for the free ‘marketing ideas super list’ email in the next 7-10 days.


Dean C
Certified Thermographer

Please email me your idea now to , if you haven’t already.


Click here to join the ‘marketing ideas & tips central’ database for infrared imaging companies worldwide.

If you don’t own the manual, or don’t have and idea to contribute, you can purchase the list now…

For just $24.95!