Own an IR camera? New low cost idea for you

If you own an IR camera, here’s a low cost idea for you: Most of us would like a simple way to approach all our local realtors, builders, electricians etc. to notify them how our thermal imaging services will benefit them. The hardest part about this process, is trawling through all the yellow pages listings to find them all… it’s takes time and gets frustrating!

Good news: We can deliver you a list of every different builder, electrician, vet, realtor or any industry you like within the area you service… all within 24hrs! Yes, i’ll email you a spreadsheet of all their business names, addresses, phone numbers and websites (if they have one). This is powerful!

For example: We just tested the system to find out how many electricians we could get all the contact details for in the Northridge, CA area… 607 listings automatically downloaded into our simple excel spreadsheet. Imagine how much money you could pull out of that list if you had it… and that’s just one area. No matter where in the world you live, we can now pinpoint every industry in any area with accurate contact details of every business you would like to target.

Ideas: You could mail them info about your IR service, call them directly off the spreadsheet or even ask them to promote your service on their website. The marketing possibilities are endless with this unique opportunity! This is a genuine opportunity to gain immediate market share over your local IR competitors… fast.

How much does it cost?

One industry list within your local area – $14.95

Two industries within your local area – $25.95


One industry list within your state – $39.95

Two industries within your state – $59.95

Payment: First select and pay below in the dropdown menu. Then email us the 1 or 2 industries you would like a list of. You’ll then get the spreadsheet emailed over to you within one business day of payment!

Email to:  advertising@howtofindaleak.com



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