Pool Leak Detection Equipment

Are you looking for quick ways to detect a pool leak?

Water leakage in pools can get very expensive, and that’s why you need a company with professional pool leak detection equipment to help you find the leak without making a mess of your yard or pool!

We often get asked if we offer pool leak detection equipment rentals, but there is more too it than that. Depending on what type of pool you have could determine what type of detection equipment is used.

To start with, there are a few common types of pools that leak more than others, such as vinyl pool leaks, above ground and inground pools. Pool leak detection prices will vary depending on the nature of the leak.

If you can see where the leak is, you can purchase a pool leak detection kit which includes dye and patches etc. Otherwise hire a local company who offers pool and spa leak detection services and they will do it for you in minimal time (in most cases). If it’s leaking fast, then get it done asap, otherwise you could wait until winter when you empty the pool… that will most likely make the job quick and easy for the company you employ to do the job.

Does the pool only leak when the filter is running? Then it’s most likey related to the plumbing between the skimmer box and the pump. Otherwise if it leaks all the time, then it’s most likely a breach in the membraned itself.