Radio Advertisement – Thermal Imaging

What’s the fastest way to make your thermal imaging business sound professional?

Get a radio voice-over advertisement made for your business/website! Sound like to much work? It’s not. We can do it for you… you don’t need to do anything!

Listen to the 1 minute professional voice over advertisement at the link below. This is produced by a professional radio DJ promoting this thermal imaging website you are reading right now.

Here’s a great offer for your infrared business:

We will use the exact same wording in the ad below, but re-record the voice over with YOUR website in the script! This means you do not need to do ANYTHING except send us the website you would like in the advertisement!

Once we email you the recording (approx 1MB), you simply upload the advertisement to your website or whatever location on the internet you like… all without lifting a finger (I organise it all for you!).

We will email you the recording within 5 business days. That’s it!


Order your professional thermal imaging radio advert now…

… for just $29.95

Order your recording now – 4 Steps:

1) Email us your website address to .

2) We will get your voice-over started;

3) We will email you back with a Paypal invoice.

4) Your recording will be emailed to you within 48hrs!