Sample of Infrared Newsletter

Hi There,

Here is a sample of what you will get in the first 2 editions of the newsletter…

Edition 1: (Delivered to your inbox the day your order)

The first ‘Inner Circle’ newsletter covers 4 ideas:

  1. How to approach builders/contractors to get more work – with script
  2. Sideline product I sell in addition to my infrared business - 1200 sold in 7 months (Hot product). You can now distribute this product also! All covered in the newsletter.
  3. How to automatically track your competitors at the click of a button
  4. Simple tip to improve your website!

Edition 2: (Expand your IR business like a rabbit)

  • Sample brochure I put in letterboxes after it rains (Black & White – No Photos – Cheap to Print)
  • You’ll learn my online ’snipper’ tactic to get more home owners visiting my website (More web traffic = More Calls = More Money)
  • How I know what home owners are asking DAILY about the benefits of thermal imaging, home inspections & leak detection (You get my online resource for this- Updated daily with Step by Step instructions). This is a must have tool to get ahead, keep your finger on the pulse and stay current to what people want.
  • Another side business I run alongside my IR business. Some of you will make money with this in the first week.

Get a copy of the first edition and read the guarantee here: