Sell Thermal Imaging Cameras

Do you sell thermal imaging infrared cameras, or want to sell your used IR camera?

We have new thermographers from all over the world coming to this website to learn how to start a thermal imaging business. Our ’Quick Start Guide’ manual is the best selling of its kind in the world, and we always get emails from start-up thermographers asking us “What type of infrared camera should I buy?”.

We don’t sell cameras, therefore we do not provide advise on this topic. As a result, we have now created a section here where you can advertise your new or used thermal camera, or any companies who specialize in selling cameras can advertise here on a permanent basis. All our future enquiries will be sent a link to our listing page, and the link will also be added into our best selling book… so you will get the perfect targetted traffic viewing your cameras!

On average, 54 thermographers per day click the ‘Buy IR Camera Here’ button on this website!

List your infrared camera(s) for sale here from just $7!

Listing Options

Once you’ve made payment, please email us the following details to

  1. Camera type,
  2. Price, (optional)
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  4. Email address,
  5. Brief Description, and anything else you would like the buyer to know before calling you.

We look forward to helping you get your camera sold!