Simple Easy Ways to Find a Leak

Leaks can be frustrating to find… so one of the most common questions people ask us is “Is there a simple and easy way to find and detect a leak without pulling down the walls?”.

There’s only a couple of ways to track down where a leak is entering into a building, and that’s usually via the ‘hose flood test’, or using thermal imaging and moisture testing equipment. If the thermographer you hire has sufficient experience (and it’s recently rained), then they should be able to source the leak pretty quickly.

Here’s a photo example of what our infrared camera recently captured on the home office ceiling of a very successful entrepreneur…

Multiple Areas Leak

This infrared image reveals a few things worth pointing out…

1) See  the large round shape? That’s a leak. The butanol waterproofing join on the deck above had insufficient overlap width and had perished… letting in water directly above this area.

2) See the dark patches around the edge of the ceiling? That’s where the insulation hasn’t been pushed right into the corners of the ceiling correctly… leading to low levels  of heat loss… but it all adds up!3) The dark area around the light is where the insulation has  been kept away from the lighting connections. This is correct installation to help prevent potential fires.

If your looking for simple, easy and quick ways to detect signs of problems within your building envelope, then infrared thermal imaging is the way to go… and no holes are put in your walls!