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Are you looking for a quick way to start your thermal imaging business? 100′s of thermographers use this manual! – Updated every 3 months since 2009 until now!

thermal imaging marketing booksIn today’s world of thermal imaging inspections, you need to be on the cutting edge of marketing techniques to help stay ahead of your competitors. It only takes one innovative idea to potentially give your business a huge boost. If you own an infrared camera, or you’re about to buy one, then this information could be exactly what you need.

Before I started my thermal imaging business, I had all my marketing ideas ready to go… which allowed me to get momentum and create cash flow real fast. In just under 4 weeks of being out there in the field doing infrared inspections, I had my money back on the camera… and that was from a stand still start. Now the business is humming on autopilot. It’s actually a simple type of business to profit from if you know how.

Why would I write a manual about how I did it?  The reason I decided to write the manual, is because I now have more residential home inspection work then I can service. Not only that, i’ve also got enough work in the commercial sector (Electrical switchboard surveys), which will keep me very busy for years to come. I’ll most likely sub-contract out some of the residential thermal imaging work. On a side note: You may be interested to know that I do not sell new or second hand infrared cameras, nor do I sell thermography theory courses. I do infrared inspections for a living. That should give you the confidence that my manual is full of marketing ideas purely for infrared home inspectors only (and not trying to sell you cameras and courses etc).

Before you read the contents page of the thermal imaging manual below, you might like to read what other clients who have purchased the ebook since 2009 have said… after all, it’s the clients opinion that really counts. These testimonials for both established and start-up thermal imaging businesses are genuine, unedited and can all be verified as true and correct.

———- Sample of Client Comments from 2009 – Now ———

 Thanks for the refreshing marketing ideas Dean. We actually intend to start out by focusing on the idea in the bonus manual first after reading through your materials, in conjunction with a few of the ideas in the quick start manual. Will keep you posted about how out thermal imaging business grows over time. Thanks. George T – USA.

“Dean’s marketing manual is a rich repository of marketing ideas that can help to jump start any thermal imaging inspections or energy auditing company’s marketing program. We’ve made it the centre piece of our marketing strategy, and haven’t even begun to exhaust these excellent ideas after over a year in business. Dean’s enthusiasm for the thermal imaging industry and his creative, but practical ideas, have combined to make his book into a must-buy for anyone serious about expanding their infrared inspection business.”Kurt P – Baltimore

Dean, I ordered and received your infrared manual. It has been a great read. I’m on my third cycle just trying to soak it all in. I am a firm believer that anyone can achieve success from others who have already blazed the trail. Your successes and failures with the thermal imaging business are all extremely valuable to me as an entry level thermographer. Thanks.T Scott – Belton, Texas

Dear Dean, I am so glad I purchased your manual. For the amount of information that is offered in the thermal imaging ideas manual the price is a bargin in a half. You structure the manual to cover everything that promotes a laymen to be able to start their own business in the themal imaging industry. Upon reading your manual I now have a direction and plan of action to take to get started in this exciting field. It is surely a gem of information. Much appreciated. Thank you. Tom G – USA

Well written, and easy to grasp. I didn’t need another book on thermography, what I needed were some tips, tricks, examples, and ideas to get customers and get my business rolling, and that is just what I got here. You could have the best Thermal imaging camera made, and the best training, but without customers, you’ll never get to use it. If you really want to be good at something, go learn from someone who is already doing it! Thanks so much! Pete A. Missouri

Hi Dean, I ordered a copy of your manual a few days ago. I’m getting ready to read it a second time. The first read my mind was spinning thinking of ways to apply your thermal imaging business techniques. I love all the marketing concepts! They are so simple, but without your help I would not have thought of most of them. I am very excited about getting started. Thank you so much for taking the time to write your thermography marketing manual. So far, this is the best investment I’ve made into learning how to make money with my thermal camera! Jerry M, Ohio

Your infrared camera marketing book is very good, and I should have purchased it months ago when I first found it online. Thank you for sharing your unique ideas and we look forward to the getting the free updates. Dave M – NSW, Australia

Hi Dean. I am almost finished with your thermal imaging book and we are very excited. Currently I am a consultant for conveyancing attorneys and my clients is Estate Agents. I want to start marketing the concept so that I can quit my job asap. Your book is definately going to help my thermal imaging business & marketing. I am glad I purchased it, should have done long time ago. My husband an engineer and imports the infrared camera’s for his company, so I got a flir camera as well. Thanks again. Have a good day. Delene – South Africa

I’ve read only one of your manual chapters so far and I must admit – it is worth every cent you asked for it. I am totally impressed. Thanks for doing such a good job and sharing it! S Guzek – UK

I purchased the Quick Start manual shortly after reading the free chapter. I was obvious to me that the manual provided practical, real- world advice and techniques from somebody who’d been there. In my experience, information like this concerning IR is rare, so I was happy to find such a helpful resource for those trying to start an IR business. Erim A – CA

It is an excellent book. Perfect starting point for a thermal imaging business. It will definitely help my business plan! Bob – Calgary, Canada

I read one chapter of the book that gave me two marketing ideas that I had not thought of or seriously considered while building my marketing plan for a home energy auditing business. I am convinced the new information will be very useful and am going to implement into my thermal imaging marketing plans. Ron L – MN

Dean, after downloading the other day I could see it was a good read. One book that will not collect dust on my shelf! I just finished a intense course last month to become infrared certified. I am currently looking for a thermal imaging camera to finish my final exam class assignment. The class taught me how to use an infrared camera and the science behind the use in home/commercial energy audits. Your book on the other hand covers areas the instructor had no time to teach the class. How to make “money” with an IR camera and varies ways to start up a thermal imaging business and market the service. Your free chapter seemed to be on target and to the point, no fluff. Over 24 chapters filled with useful thermal imaging marketing information showing the reader how you worked in your field and not just theory. Dean, thanks for your quick response to my email inquiry about your book and your support. Walt E. Indiana,U.S.A

Hi Dean, I think that your approach to buy the manual before a camera is awesome. The first chapter (7) was a huge value by itself. I am certain that the rest of the book will provide me with enough information to set me up to run a successful infrared business. Thanks for making this available to me. Best of luck to you.Michael B. MA – USA

I am in the garage door industry and was thinking of ways to upsell my customers into more expensive doors, so I checked out the free chapter about thermal imaging. Once I did this, my creative juices began to flow and I realized how easy it will be to prove why a more expensive door that will insulate better and is a wise choice for my customers. I ordered the entire thermal imaging book, then ordered my first infrared camera. Thanks, Andy Trout – York, PA, USA

I have been looking at starting a thermal business for a while now. One of my thoughts of lead generation was from realtors, but your free chapter took that to a whole new level. Also, what you talk about on getting started is genius. That transition I suspect will be the toughest part of getting the business off the ground, but with this one technique, if you actually do it and provide quality customer service, I can’t imagine you NOT being able to jump start your business. Thanks Dean for providing good information.B Zimmerman – USA

All I could do was brainstorm about how I was going to get my business up an running. I spent hour’s thinking of a business name and searching for a web domain. Can’t wait to read the whole book. Thanks for the inspiration. David O. Moore, Oklahoma

After reading the Chapter 7 of Dean’s book it became clear that his insights will not only help my thermal imaging business increase it’s IR survey bookings, but the techniques will also improve bookings for the onther services offered by my organization. Regards, Alan Travierso – President, Centurion Technical Services Inc.

Dear Dean. Immediately upon reading your thermal imaging book, perhaps the most important statement I’ve ever read was right there at the bottom of page 2, BEFORE any of the other thermal imaging tips. It reads simply “If you can use the infrared camera to add value to peoples lives, then you’ll always make a dollar”. How true is that! With my new perspective, I continued reading. The very next Idea was so simple I even had already thought of it, but did not “see” it true potiential until you pointed it put…so simple yet brilliant! And, I’m going to do you one better Dean. I’m going to give them a 3×5 color picture of their “Leakiest” item, so when they are sitting around the dinner table with their friends discussing the leaks Infrared found in their homes, they can whip out this picture and proudly show it off to their friends! Wayne Swirnow – Infrared Imaging Services

Hi Dean, I have read the free chapter that you sent and can tell you that it has put a new spring in my step. Sometimes we get so bogged down with what we are doing we forget that there is so much more out there. Thank you. I can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of it. P Geldenhuis – Sth Africa

I have been considering starting my own thermal imaging business and I found the information in your free chapter very compelling. I am eager to learn more from the rest of the book as you have already opened my eyes to many thermal imaging opportunities and getting my new business started. Thank you. Chris M. – Texas

I just read your free chapter from your book. Easy to follow, good suggestions, cut to the chase. I just ordered your book and can’t wait to read the rest. This will help me decide if this enterprise is really my cup of tea prior to investing a ton in equipment - Kerry H

I read and re-read the chapters and realized that Dean has got something here. This is the type of thing I needed as I am an inspector and not a marketing guru. Marketing is my weakest point but with the ideas and ‘out of the box’ thinking portrayed in the book I can see my marketing side getting stronger. If you have a ‘new’ or ‘established’ infrared business this book will help you build and/or expand your client base. A must read!! -Chuck Lambert, California

I recently purchased a Thermal Imaging Camera from Fluke with two partners and started a LLC Thermal Graphic Imaging Forensics. We started the company with a good understanding of the technical aspects of forensic inspections and water intrusion detection backgrounds. The one part of the equation lacking in our experience is the marketing challenges in the different and unique service like IR imaging. I was very pleased with finding your Web site and a chance to review a chapter of your manual on starting a business using IR imaging. The one chapter gave me so many ideas for our business based upon your personal experience in how to get your start and start making money in this very exciting business. I want to say thank you for sharing your great path for all of us that want to utilize IR technology in the residential arena. Sincerely – Franklin Dumas

Hello Dean, I was very pleased to read your manual. It’s exactly the pertinent marketing advise I was looking for to start my thermal imaging business. Alain O. FRANCE

Hi Dean, The manual really piqued my interest about the potential for starting a profitable thermal imaging business. There was so much critical marketing information specific to IR in this book. Thanks, Doug R. Denver, Colorado

Straight information, no fluff. Worth the investment to decide if the infrared business is right for you. If it is, this manual provides lots of insight and ideas. Mark M – FL

A good start is a fast start, and after reading the first chapter of Thermal Imaging Marketing Ideas, it gave me the direction I was looking for. It is thought provoking and allows you to put your own touch on how you operate your business while accomplishing growth oriented results. Thanks Dean for taking the time to put this manual together. Keep me updated! Matt R., Ohio Home Energy Advisors, Columbus OH

“I am very pleased with the content that is in just the opening chapter of this book.Thanks to How to find a leak our business may be looking up more everyday I hope to be able to turn down work also, but for now i’ll be using Dean’s methods to get a cliental base set up. Thanks Dean.” – Raymond, Iowa

Hi Dean, It was clear and simple. You go straight to the point and give the reader a real opportunity to get the most from IR surveys. Simply …. thank you. Massimo M. – Rome Italy

Hi Dean, I read your book… it was well written and easy to follow. It has given me the confidence to invest in a thermal imaging camera and start my new business here in Montréal Canada. Keep in touch. Regards, Thomas Mann

Ideas presented were “outside of the box” and well worth pursuing. Purchased the entire manual shortly after. Thanks for opening my eyes a little wider. Phil C – Canada

Hi Dean, I’m going to start to buy a thermal imaging camera and I was looking for additional ideas in order to have a quick payback. After reading the first chapter, I was enthusiast to buy the whole book, sure to find inside what I was looking for. Thank you! Angelo – Italy

“I bought an infrared camera a year ago as part of a new predictive maintenance service we are offering. But I haven’t even begun to utilize it. After reading the free chapter download and seeing how easy this valuable service is to market, as well as the unique ideas they have come up with in the manual to get your thermal imaging business going, I’ve purchase the entire book to get busy in this lucrative field.” Michael H – President, American MTS. Monroe, NC

The manual really made me start thinking about the possibility of making thermal imaging part of my remodelling and design operations. I really think that in today’s economy and in the search for better ways to save money, and to help the environment, this service can be of great help to everyone. I am glad that I have found this site and this opportunity. Thanks. Blake J, AZ

I found your chapter on how to start up a thermal imaging business right on target. Your concept of taking the camera and providing thermal imaging surveys for free was a part of my initial program however I had no idea that it would have been so successful. The creative ideas you have about approaching the business that takes all the work out of coming up with those ideas. For the price you charge anyone that tries your suggestions will get an immediate return on investment that is many more times what they paid for the book. John R – MI

 I want to let you know that the more I look over your manual, the more pleased I am.  You gave me a turn key to start my own Thermal Imaging business.  So much leg work has been lifted by looking over your manual. I think it is great.  Michael Z – GA

Dean, Just wanted to let you know I think the book is fantastic! Using just one of the ideas will return the investment many times over! A “must read” for anyone just getting into the thermal imaging field, and a good resource for anyone looking to expand their existing business! Well worth the price. – Mike C., PA


Are you looking for fresh business marketing ideas that work in the thermal imaging industry?

If so, then i’ve put the contents page of the manual below for you to see what’s actually included in the manual. Regardless of the price tag of your camera, you still need customers… and that’s purely what this thermal imaging manual is all about. The only difference is that you probably haven’t thought of some of these ideas, because I certainly hadn’t… I created them myself. EG.I’ve even detailed what I say when I answer the phone that gets me the business 95% of the time… and what I do with the 5% I miss.

Please Note: The information is written specifically for anyone who operates infrared cameras, or about to buy one. You will not find this information anywhere else except right here. (If you do find it somewhere else, let me know and you’ll probably get a $1,000 reward, because the seller will get a $10,000 fine. It’s copyright protected and not available for resale).

Here’s what’s in the thermal imaging marketing manual…

(These are ideas I actually use… not theory)


Chapter 1: Why start a thermal imaging business?

Chapter 2: How much money can you make?

Chapter 3: Do you need to do a thermography course first?

Chapter 4: Camera selection

Chapter 5:What else do you need in addition to the infrared camera.

Now here’s the practical ideas I use to make money:

Chapter 6: Who to target first?

Chapter 7: Exactly what I say over the phone when a client calls.  (Gets me the job 95% of the time).

Chapter 8: Sample letter to send to real estate agents and home rental companies. (…and what they are thinking when you’re talking to them). Also includes a very easy approach letter to agent… no selling required!

Chapter 9: Copy of very clever flyer I sent to a newspaper editor to attract media attention

Chapter 10: How can schools benefit from your service?… and how I use the schools newsletter to get the parents attention for addtional home inspection work!

Chapter 11: Business Card Samples

Chapter 12: What’s written on my car that turns heads and gets attention?

Chapter 13: Copy of my free report I send to certain clients, which converts them to clients real quick.

Chapter 14: Copy of my ‘No Leak, No Pay’ letter. This is a real winner!

Chapter 15: Sample letter to send to mortgage brokers and lenders.

Chapter 16: Interesting marketing piece to put in any letterbox that has a ’for sale’ sign out the front. I carry these in my car and put them in letterboxes.

Chapter 17: Sample one page letter that I tested in just 32 letterboxes in one street… and booked in 7 jobs. You should see what I wrote on the front of the envelope to get them opening it!

Chapter 18: Copy of an online competition I ran to drive customers to my website.

Chapter 19: How can hotels benefit from your service? This idea is outside the box!

Chapter 20: What can you ‘upsell’ them when you finish the job… and how to say it?

Chapter 21: Clever follow up letter to your clients that gets them promoting your business for free.

Chapter 22: How to make money from open homes

Chapter 23: How to get in the door of commercial clients for free.

Chapter 24: In conclusion, and where to from here!


Is there a Guarantee on the manual?

We’ve been getting emails asking if we offer a money back guarantee on the manual. I did expect to get these types of questions, as there aren’t many online manuals that don’t come with some kind of guarantee, freebies etc. With this manual, there is absolutely NO CHANCE i’m offering a guarantee. Here’s why there is no guarantee…

1)  This is real tested information. I use this info in my own thermal imaging business everyday and I know for a fact it works for me.

2) You will learn every clever technique I use to get jobs. This could get your business off to a flying start!

3) We spent months putting this manual together… many many hours! This manual could take out all the frustration involved with getting your business off the ground, and potentially fast track your return on camera investment.

4) You get what you pay for. This is not some cheap e-book that’s been ‘thrown together’. This is real practical business information that makes me money. Once you have my ideas, they are yours to use over and over again.

5) If you are relying on a money back guarantee, then don’t even bother starting any business, because your mind is in the wrong place. I can assure you that whoever you purchase your thermal imaging camera from won’t refund your money if you don’t make the business opportunity work! This info is real and it works.

So there you have it. And I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of people who agree with me and are happy to hear the truth for a change! Starting an infrared thermal imaging business involves getting customers first and foremost… and that is exactly what this manual is all about. It’s easy to buy a camera, but marketing is a different ball game.
Confident? You bet! We know that anyone serious about making their thermal imaging & leak detection business work will be suprised how simple this business actually can be when you know how, and how healthy the profit margins are! Remember, we put this infrared imaging business together from the ground up, so quality is assured.

Start With This Manual Before Buying a Thermal Imaging Camera!

What’s the Investment? If you plan to spend several thousands of dollars to buy a thermal imaging camera, then you should seriously consider buying this very popular manual… you’ll feel much better about buying the camera!

“Thank you I’m excited to read more. I just called two realtors. Read your line straight out of the manual and already have a lunch meeting and three leads for inspections next week. Keeping my fingers crossed and I’ll keep you posted as my leads turn into projects.” Todd D


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