Starting a Infrared Thermography Business in a Recession

Should you start a infrared thermography business in the middle of a recession?

It  doesn’t matter what business you start, if you are good at marketing you’ll make money. The difference between a really good marketer and the person who just buys an IR camera and thinks “it’s all just going to work out fine”, is that a good marketer will set their sails to take advantage of the new wind direction (recession wind), whilst others will leave their sails set just as they were prior to the recession… and wonder why they aren’t getting as many calls.

There are people making a fortune in this recession!

Here’s a testimonial I received from a lady in Nevada who is looking to get started in the thermal imaging business (This is what prompted me to write this post)…

“Dear Dean,

I am so happy to find your manual for starting a Thermo Imaging business!

My story is a rather personal one. My husband recently left after 14 yrs of marriage, taking most of our remaining assets, after loosing a fortune in the market, and letting our home go to foreclosure! Self pity is a luxury I cannot afford!

I first thought of thermo imaging in 1986 when selling replacement windows. It seemed a natural tool, as a “picture is worth a thousand words”. At the time I didn’t even know how to look into it, and had I, t he cost would have been prohibitive.

The benefits, however, have never left the back of my mind, and I believe it is a service that’s “time has come”.

Starting a business in this economy is a big decision for anyone. And in my position it is huge. I simply cannot afford to make a mistake, nor do I have the time for “trial and error”.

I have been shopping for the right camera for the application I have in mind, and frankly am having trouble having the companies return either phone calls or emails. I have found this frustrating. Although I am 85-90% certain I will be doing this, I have several questions I need to have answered before I can justify making this investment.

Then I found the site “How To Find A Leak”! I clicked on it, and was very impressed that an entire chapter was offered for free. Just the one idea of giving away a few inspections in exchange for testimonials is a gift !

As a bonus, the following chapter titles match most of my questions and concerns to the letter!


It just makes sense to invest 95.00 to be completely sure this is the right thing to do, and be able to make money right away.

Considering the amount of time, effort, money, gas, frustration that had to be invested in each of my former endevors in order to become proficient, I’m hoping to have to change my belief that “there are no short cuts in life”.

And this testimonial is only about the first free chapter! I’m hoping to be able to update you in the near future.


Patricia – Nevada”

So are you focusing on your marketing skills on a regular basis? It’s easy to think up ideas how to get customers… but it’s actually doing them that will make all the difference.

 One other point I would like to make, is don’t be afraid to ask people who are successful in business how you could improve yours! Recently I got stuck and couldn’t work out how to execute an idea I had… and it bugged me for 2 weeks and actually ruined part of my vacation because I couldn’t stop thinking about it! As soon as I got home, I found a local entrepreneurial guy online who I didn’t even know, and paid him $250 for a 1 hr consultation. How quick did I get my $250 back? With the idea he gave me, I had it back within 48hrs… and I can use the idea over and over. This idea will be published on this website soon.

Summary: There is money to be made using infrared cameras, because there will always be heat loss, electrical faults,moisture and people trying to escape in the dark. All you need to do, is focus on one application and get the marketing right for that one area… then branch out! If you are stuck for ideas to open your mind, then it’s all in the ‘Quick Start Guide’ I wrote.