The most lucrative area for infrared inspections

What is the most lucrative area for infrared inspections that you have found? Home, business or electrical?

Greg: Okay, my most lucrative area is aerial thermal mapping, we map cities and we map universities, military bases, and roofs and stuff like that and that is the most lucrative for us, although there is a big barrier to entry because you’re going to spend a couple of hundred grand to get started.

Dean: Yeah.

Greg: I’ll just take the three examples that whoever wrote the question asked, home, business, etc electrical. Electrical is very steady and repeat business. Once you get in with a company and you start doing the job, you probably won’t go away unless you mess up. My customers were always very loyal to me when I was doing a lot of electrical surveys and, two, I offered to my good customers other services that were related so I would come in, I would do an electrical survey and I would say “hey, you know, while I was walking around I could see you roof was leaking, why don’t I do an infrared survey on your roof?”

Dean: Good idea to upsell, or “strike while the iron is hot”

Greg: Home, business electrical is not really the right category, those are three types of surveying and I will talk about it just a little bit more detail, so homes are very easy to sell once you have got a one on one customer and, you know, the people want to do it. It is not easy to canvas people and you’re going to have to do some advertising, but if you have got a one on one customer, houses are fairly easy to do and sell. The money in the infrared business is in commercial work. Moisture in apartment buildings, commercial building and moisture in homes. Probably the sideways answer to that is, as Peter pointed out, this moisture surveying is probably the best money.

Dean: Yeah, I agree because you do more of it also, the electrical is more repeat and steady. But they’re both good in a roundabout way, I am swinging towards the electrical. That area there, because like Greg is saying, you can spin off further work from it. When I do an electrical inspection, which is at least once a week or twice a week, I will also find out who their insurance company is or who their insurance broker is. I will also contact that person and say “hey I did an electrical inspection for this company, if you have got any clients who are interested or you hear it in the loop somewhere, let me know”. I find electrical work quite easy to get to be honest. It depends on how you go about it.

Now Greg, just going back to, you mentioned aerial thermography, now most people don’t learn about that in the level one course, or they don’t know anything about it. Have you got a website or something where people could go to look at a couple of pictures or sort of get a reference of what you are talking about?

Greg: Yes, well there’s a couple, but one of them that you can see, especially about the roofs is, and the other one is and that is our United Infrared version of that and so, aerial, we do the aerial work in both of those companies and there is also

Dean: Okay, so the easiest one just for the consistency of the call would be and you can find it from there?

Greg: Well, it would be – the best way to get to it is just type

Order the complete interview HERE, along with 20+ more ‘money making’ questions answered!

Order the complete interview HERE, along with 20+ more ’money making’ questions answered!