Thermal Imaging and Building Inspection Newsletter Template

Are you looking for a simple, very clever and highly targeted way to generate leads for yourself… at no cost?

Those of you who have purchased my thermal imaging quick start guide will know I get right to the point with lead generation ideas. I show you how to get customers fast, not theory about infrared etc. You can learn about IR cameras somewhere else on the internet, but this website is where you will find raw money making ideas in the IR industry.

This idea takes lead generation to a whole new level compared to the usual traditional methods of advertising, and could be the quickest way to leave your competitors in the dust.

There are millions of houses out there that haven’t had an infrared inspection… and do you know why? Because most home owners don’t even know what it is. Now you can cash in on this untapped market by publishing your own local ‘thermal imaging and building inspection newsletter’!

This is the smartest way to get customers fast, and also gets you a huge edge over your local competitors. Me, well I run a thermal imaging business and my camera is working everyday… and it’s all because I know how to get customers for minimal cost. Now you can learn how.

What if you were the editor of the local ‘building inspection’ newsletter for home owners in your area. This time i’ve gone the extra distance by creating a powerful newsletter template along with a 36 page manual that is ready for you to make money with… scripts and all!

The credibility you’ll create for yourself with this idea could see your business propel forward quicker than you think. It works.

Here’s what you’ll get with this newsletter ’business opportunity’:

  • You’ll get the newsletter template in microsoft word so it can be changed to suit your personal details
  • Highly detailed manual with step by step instructions outlining how to get your first newsletter out into local letterboxes within 3-4 days!
  • The newsletter template has advertising spaces you can sell to cover printing costs. You’ll be supplied with word-for-word scripts on how to sell the advertising.
  • and MUCH MUCH more.

If you aren’t doing at least 2 home inspections per day, then you should seriously consider this opportunity… you’ll be glad you did.

You will not find a better lead generation system then this for your thermal imaging home inspection business, or your building inspection service.

You can order the business right now, and have it within 24hrs! Once you receive the business, please read through the manual first… and watch the possibilities open up in front of you!

Order the complete business opportunity now…


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