Thermal Imaging Business Website Template

Hi Everyone,

This thermal imaging website gets 60-80 visitors p/day from people wanting either infrared leak detection, or home heat loss inspections, and I don’t service any of these leads. The formula I use to get these visitors to this website is working very well and growing. 56% of people who visit this website hit the ‘Free Quotes’ button, so that’s approx 34 potential jobs every day that get wasted. In other words, the website has a very high conversion rate from visitors to buyers.

If you don’t know how to get customers first, then don’t bother buying an Infrared Camera!

The hardest part about any website is driving traffic to it… but I certainly don’t have a problem getting web visitors to my IR website because I know how to do it. Please note that i’m not a website guy, I do IR inspections every day for a living. The reason i’m offering this deal to set you up with a website like mine is because i’ve hit upon a formula for my thermal imaging websites that works really well for me, and i’m willing to set you up with the same formula (One person only per county).

You can now own a website that looks and works the same as mine… i’ll google optimize it for you specific to your county using my formula. There are three counties that I won’t sell, but the rest of the USA is open.

Note: If you already have a website, why not have two! I have 5 sites for my IR business that supplies me plenty of work.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll get:

  1. A highly optimized website for your area, so people who want a thermal imaging inspection in your county will find you on google.
  2. You’ll get my manual about how to make money with an infrared camera ( )
  3. I’ll set up all the infrared photos on the website for you, and i’ll also work with you over the phone to set the site up with your personal contact details.
  4. You’ll learn how to add pages and write articles on the website… you’ll have complete control.
  5. I’ll set you up with a stats counter so you can see who’s visiting, and how they find the site
  6. You’ll get EXCLUSIVE advertising on my main USA website for your county, so that could mean infrared inspection jobs for you right away.
  7. To make yourself cashflow from the site, i’ll insert google ads for you and put them into the site template.
  8. I’ll set you up to sell advertising on your site for the city areas you don’t service. (This will be another passive income for you).
  9. You can log into your website any time, any day. I’ll put a ‘log in’ link on the home page that allows you to get access to your site immediately. You simply change the password when you log in the first time, so you then have the piece of mind that no-one else can access your site… including me.
  10. I’ll set you up with a page that will allow you to sell ‘site wide’ advertising. What this means is that if one company wants to pay you to be the main advertiser, they will appear on all the pages on your website.
  11. You’ll learn how to run ads on google that will put you on page one for your county the very first day your website is live!
  12. I’ll submit your site to google and yahoo for free.
  13. I’ll also give you a two options of domain names to choose from that will make a huge difference to web traffic it attracts.

I’ll also host your site and write you two fresh articles each month to add to your site. These articles are very important, because i’ll write them in a certain way that will attract google to your site (I have studied google optimization techniques). This service is just $50 p/month… and well worth it because you’ll climb up the google rankings across a variety of infrared topics in your local area.
I’ll do all the intital work and set you up. Once you purchase and we’ve agreed on an area, i’ll have it all ready to go for you within 3 – 5days.

If you are interested, please email me first before buying with any questions you may have. The website that yours will look like is the same as this one you are reading now… it’s simple and works really well!

When you factor in the income streams mentioned above, and the inspection jobs you do… you are buying a business here, not just a website.

This offer is for your own county. If you want multiple counties, let me know and i’ll work out a deal with you.

Get a flying start in the IR business with an optimized website for just $1650.00!

Email me at