Thermal Imaging Camera Tips For Business Marketing

Here is a list of questions that will be answered on our next teleconference thermography training call… all from the comfort of your own home!

I will be interviewing a thermal imaging expert each month, and you can join the call at no charge. This is great for new thermographers and anyone wanting to learn how to build their infrared business as fast as possible!

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Here are the questions sent in by thermographers worldwide that will be answered on the call… (In no particular order).

  • Would the general public be interested in paying for a thermal scan to verify or “see” if the radiant heating sytems in their ceramic floors are working properly or to detect which heating coils are defective?
  • Is there a way to calibrate our thermal cameras ourselves without having to send them back to the manufacturer? Flir wants $800 for the service?
  • What is the most lucrative area for inspection that you have found- Home, Business, Electrical, etc
  • What reporting system is the easiest to use with a flir thermcam for showing customers their possible issues? Something that is simple and cost effective that has pictures and note areas.
  • What do you look for if you can’t acheive sufficient deltaT?
  • In five years time what do you see the most common use of thermography will be? And what should businesses be doing anything now to prepare for it!
  • For a newcomer to the business, what camera, or camera parameters would you suggest to be purchased and the approximate costs involved. Thank you.
  • At present i’m using an inkjet printer for reports some of which can contain up to 60/70 images and am finding the cost of ink a serious drain on profits. Would love to hear of any tips for both ink/printer paper selection
  • How important is certification? Do you know of a reputable online IR thermal imaging certification course that won’t break the bank?
  • How did you canvas your first customer? How successful was this and where did it lead to?
  • In Real Estate in my state of Arizona, and my native state of California, I am having trouble with Certified approval of Camera Readings.
    Because I don’t have “Credentials” it’s just an image that is meaning less, without interpretation and diagnosis, even though you can see something obviously wrong behind those walls.
    They don’t want there to be problems to disclose, so without credentials, there is no problem.
    They obviously want to say,”we looked at the home with a thermal camera and found nothing wrong” !
    Has anybody come across this, and what did you do ?
  • What will the future be of thermal imaging. With cameras
    becoming cheaper every year, will there be a time 
    when $1000 HD consumer thermal cameras are sold in 
    electronic stores and anyone can do this?
  • What basic infared training do you recommend when trying to get started in this area of inspection business?
  • I would like to hear ideas for how to perform building energy audits when the exterior temp versus interior temperature is not the normal 40° or so temp differential. How can i avoid the “seasonal crunch” and extend my window for energy audits?
  • I see a barrier, at least in my area, to imaging houses for the real estate industry. The real estate companies do not want to list dwellings as any thing less than perfect or passing because of the fear it will be detrimental to the sale. As we all know perfection is unattainable, and a passing grade is rather arbitrary in the mind of real estate agents. I am working on a sort of grading system for dwellings (say A thru D) that can take into account the existing conditions of all forms of dwellings. The intent is to establish a kind of efficiency grade that can be posted on a structure to give the purchaser, real estate agent and seller some measurable idea of what kind of investment will be necessary to bring a dwelling up to the standard required by the buyer. This kind of firm measurable estimate should be repeatable so as to remove objections based on the measurment being abitrary. My question is this: Has there been any previous work in the direction of establishing a repeatable efficiency estimation formula for use on a building envelope? I would not want to re-invent the wheel on this so I ask what has been done before. I fully expect that there are people who retrofit dwellings that would take a sub-standard building and improve it to make money on the turnaround. I would like to make money with them!
  • Is there any sense in offering a formal education to the client via an inservice? The vast majority of clients are price focused so if I could provide value to the client via education then they may perceive value. The concept is to add value via education to the client (at no cost to the client) . That’s the point of difference How its done and the type of client this would be relevant too, are questions of relevance.
  • How to get real – good affordable training?
    The kind of knowledge that gets you started with confidence.
    Who are the 80/ 20 clients?
    80% that pay the bills.
    20% bigs one that come along every now and then.
    How to always get paid?
    How to get clients to phone me for my future services?
    What does each client expect in return for services.
    How will industry peers accept our scan results?
     30 day action plan?
  • What is the best way to get people to understand what we do and why it should be important to them?
  • I’m currently putting together a direct mail marketing plan geared towards trades persons( other businesses). . My plan is to target each trade with a specific mailer piece in their respective field, ie, Plumber , Steamfitter, HVAC, Electricians, Roofers, and so on. How effective and receptive are businesses towards direct mail of  infrared services.
  • Out of all of the ideas that have been expressed and/or defined to make money and bee successful in the business, what do you see as the number 1 and 2. Especially if you were just starting out. Thanks.
  • When doing a flat roof scan, how do you handle the areas that have been shadowed my large pieces of equipment up on the roof? I’ve seen some roofs that have more of the roof covered by equipment than what is exposed.
    Also what about the edges of the roof that have been shadowed by the side walls? Some walls are nearly 3′ above the roof and shadow a part of the edge of the roof all day except for the dead of Summer.
  • Here is a question for the Thermal Imaging Marketing Gurus.   Here in Michigan,  realtors and inspectors are very skeptical about this technology.  It may look impressive but they do not see the payoff.  Realtors kind of give me this “so what” attitude due to the competativeness of the  real estate business.  They have certain inspectors they cater to and that is that.  They do not want to uncover any stones when it comes to what a Thermal Inspection will find.  They do not want to lose the sale.  Customers are looking for a deal.  Partnering with inspectors is difficult.  Some use IR but dont put the time into it.  They cant justify the time and cost.  I am a total believer in this technology and stand behind it.  Unfortunately,  Michigan’s economy and real estate market is still tanked
  •  What is the hottest market now for the infrared camera?
  • Thermal imager on the market are expensive to own.  Is it practical to buy refurbished camera?
  • Does Peter include an electrical system IR inspection with his building envelop inspection.Example circuit breaker panels?
  • My Questionto Peter is – when he conducts a building inspection what are his top 5 focal points and why ?
  • Here is my thousand dollar question :) How do you market your thermography business in summers of Ontario, Canada where there is not much temperature differential. This makes thermography a season business.
  • In Real Estate in my state of Arizona, as a Realtor, and my native state of California, I am having trouble with the fact that I’m not a Certified Inspector, and nobody will approve my Camera Readings.
    Because I don’t have “Credentials” it’s just an image that is meaning less, without Certified interpretation and diagnosis, even though you can see something obviously wrong behind those walls. They (Real Estate Agents) don’t want there to be problems to disclose, in order for it to not be a “Deal Killer” and lose their commission check, so without credentials, there is no problem with that house, even though the image shows obvious problems. They obviously want to say,”we looked at the home with a thermal camera and found nothing wrong” !Has anybody come across this, and what did you do ?
  • One question I still don’t know how to handle:
    In a house that is occupied you have sofas, book stands, other furniture standing against an outside wall, curtains around windows, etc. Obviously the wall behind these objects is cooler as it is shielded from the heated space inside.
    Which state of the wall is representative:
    As found, i.e. move the objects (if they can be moved easily) look behind with the camera and record “as found”, or
    do I ask the client to remove the objects the night before so the wall has an opportunity to reach equilibrium. Especially curtains around windows may be of interest.

    If I find the wall to be cool in the “as found” condition I still don’t know whether it is solely due to the shielding effect of the object / curtain or whether something else is contributing and is camouflaged .

  • From a business perspective what new applications do you see being developed in the near future in thermography

  • If you were to do thermal imaging on a building for weatherization purposes and had a choice of one or the other with a blower door hooked up, would you recommend being inside or outside?

  • I have not purchased a thermal imaging camera yet. My question is:
    What features are required on my thermal imaging camera to insure I can gather the correct information to present to my clients. I don’t want to spend any more money than necessary for the first camera, however want to insure it will be adequate to provide satisfactory information to clients.
  • What kind of training or certification (if any) would be required to get involved in physical therapy or sports medicine with IR imaging?
  • Ask if Social Media is an effective tool for online marketing.
  • Do you have templates for business plans that you could share?
    What is your rule of thumb for pricing jobs?
    How would a level 1 thermographer price a job with some experience?
    How much more money, if any, would a level 2/3 thermographer expect get on a similar job by a level1?
    As a United Infrared member, tell Peter and Greg thanks for all of their help.
  • How do I compete with giant utility companies that offer home energy audits for 15% of the fee that I charge? 

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This call has already been recorded – Get access to the call HERE