Thermal Imaging Camera Turns Home Inspection Into More Business!

New Jersey Home Inspector Peter Bennett, Owner of, located in Little Silver,
procures a $1,000 home inspection with just a single infrared image..

While out on routine home inspection, my client wanted me to conduct infrared thermal imaging of slab home because it has radiant floor heating and moisture issues.

During the electrical inspection section, I pulled out my FLIR T-400 infrared camera and examined the main panel and its components. The seller’s agent, a curious and intrigued retired electrical engineer, was standing over my shoulder, started asking questions about thermography and what I was seeing. I explained in detail to the agent and my client, the buyer, what I saw in simple terms.

The buyer then remarked that he was concerned about moisture which I replied that infrared is not only applicable for a pre-purchase inspection but a pre-listing inspection. The reason is that a moisture free home can command a greater sales price that a competing one. Any leaks can be then repaired or deducted from the sales price based on repair estimates. It can also expedite the sales process. (A trick I learned from your “Infrared Marketing Manual”

After finishing the IR panel examination, I turned around and pointed that camera on the wall and voila, there was a leak (confirmed with a moisture meter) The seller’s agent’s eye’s lit up with excitement, as he was sold on the power of this great technology.

Today, two days afer that inspection, the agent told his client about me, who then booked this big ticket item for almost $1,000.00.

(Nice work Peter! Keep up the great ‘upsell’ work! Dean.)