Thermal Imaging for Termites

Are you worried about TERMITES eating your home?

The global termite damage annually is costing more than all the natural disasters combined, which includes earth quakes, floods, fire and hurricanes. Now have I got your attention?

Just to narrow it down to Australia’s termite damage, 35% of all homes sold in AUS have some form of termites. This would be a major concern for Australian home buyers, I don’t think you would like to see your home investment be literally eating away would you?

In order to neutralize these nasty critters, firstly they will have to be detected, you’re probably thinking how in the world termites can be detected if there behind my plaster wall…well that’s when thermal imaging comes into action. How does thermal imaging detect termites? Just think of a large infestation of termites behind your wall, they are doing nothing else but working 24/7 there is no sleeping required. This means they will be producing a large amount of heat behind your plaster wall

Thermal imaging cameras detect thermal energy similar to the way your eye detects light. All objects have a certain temperature and emit waves of energy called infrared radiation. The hotter the object, the more energy waves are emitted. The infrared camera then translates these energy waves into a view-able image.

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Article By - Thermal Master Termite Thermal Imaging